Suppose to be

Something that is suppose to be.
something that has purpose, that has value
inevitability and destine to be, and already is
Life is suppose to be,
it is because it is goodness, it is right,
it is happiness, joy, love, freedom, and light
the heartbeat is the spawn of invention
Death is suppose to be,
Death is the conclusion of one journey,
and the beginning to the part
You are in the rain, you are in the wind,
you are in the earth that I lay my head upon
time and space do not apply to the unforgotten

April 17 <3

sup homies

I love finding my old livejournal entries. I really wish that I could see those pics that anthony, tina, and I took that pissed everyone off so much, where we pretended to smoke cigs and pot and beer and shit. that was really runny


So here is the deal-ee-o. I HATE the people that I work with. I am a hostess, which means all of the servers tell me to do ALL of their work because they are all the laziest mother FUCKERS in the entire world. ANYTHING that Mike or anyone tells them to do they just tell me to do it, while they sit around on their fat asses. I do my work, I do their work, and I do the busser's work. It's BULLSHIT! So what prompted this little rant is that I just called into my work to ask if someone could check what time I came in. Yes I was responsible and wrote down my schedule yesterday but I must have lost it. So I called, and Amy... oh worthless piece of shit degenerate Amy answered the phone. I asked her politely if she would go check for me. And her response was "I'm really busy I don't have time for that". Oh well well well I'm so sorry. So sorry to disrupt your incredibly busy Monday, when I know for a fact that she couldn't have more than 4 tables because each waitress only gets four tables. It would take less than a minute for her to check but she can't. Well what am I suppose to do? Now I don't know when to go into work. I've done her favors, much larger than this when I have been just as busy. The problem is these people think that this is their life. Actually it is their lives, they are wasting away in some restaurant. Lighten up people, take a minute, breathe, realize you are living. This is life.


Virgin Islands

My brother left today. For St. Croix, on the Virgin Islands. He is going to be gone an entire year. My brother is 4 years older than me, so he left for college when I was 14-18. Basically in those four years I shaped into the person I am today and my brother was not there for a large chunk of it. Last year at school my brother and I became a lot closer. We have so many things in common, we are parallel, running together toward the same epiphanies and lifestyles. This summer my brother moved home, and my sister did not. For the first time since I was 14 I was just living with my brother. We both like the same movies and made up a list of them to see together and we started watching them and hanging out everyday and getting to know one another. He then applied for a position in the Virgin Islands with the Ameri-core. He found out two weeks ago that he got the position and that he would be leaving today. It felt like yesterday that my brother was telling me that he was going to be leaving for a year. We raced through all the classics - Citizen Kane, 2001, Vertigo, Philadelphia Story, Psycho, Clockwork Orange, and many others. I love my brother and can't imagine going a year without him. He has become one of my closest friends and someone who I could share anything with. I hope that he has an incredible journey and a life changing experience.

I love you, and miss you so much already.
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Hey brother

Hello All,

So I am about to go to the library! Awesome right. Hopefully I will find a book on dreams and interpretations that would be neat. My brother is leaving on Saturday for the Virgin Islands for an entire year :(! My friend Steve is telling me about his acid trip at Rothbury right now, he's so fucking lucky. He also got tons of molly. I can't believe I did not go this year, what is wrong with me. Definitely next year though, wouldn't miss it for anything. Well I guess we will see right. I have a family reunion also on Saturday woot woot.
Hey journal, fly high and don't miss a beat.
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2001: A space Odyssey

Okay so watched the movie last night. Did not get it. I don't know what that black stone is and yeah... it was an incredible film and I enjoyed it a lot. But the last 20 minutes I just did not get. Yes it was awesome how he was super old, and kept getting older, I wonder if he really died at the end? Or was reborn. Oh well I'm not sure. Very interesting stuff though. Oh well I also got caught smoking pot by my mom. Awesome.


Well Journal,

I just got back from the beach with Andy and it was fun, the waves were pretty big.
But the water was freezing cold and it was super windy. Also we went to North Shore
and I am pretty disappointed with there water quality, there was shit everywhere.
Well I am babysitting Carly's cat Steven, and Mr. Man until Sunday so that will
be fun. Anyone down for a little hookah? Well no one uses this thing anyway
so I'm not really planning on getting any sort of response. Peace
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